Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 1/25/2018

  1. Rapper Lil Jon opens second school in Ghana

Rapper Lil Jon is helping kids in Ghana to get better educational opportunities.The rapper teamed up with the charity, Pencils of Promise, to break ground at a new school in Ghana last month. “I’m all about helping children,” Lil Jon, who donated $70,000 toward the schools, said. “Children are our future and every child deserves to have an environment where they can learn and flourish and gain knowledge,” he said.  Do you volunteer in your community?

2. Pharrell teases new Adidas sneakers for NBA All-Star weekend

A new Adidas BYW Original for Pharrell was teased on his Instagram page Thursday.
The bright yellow, red and green shoes will be exclusively available at an Adidas pop-up in Los Angeles during NBA All-Star weekend.
Sneaker heads that show up to the temporary store called 747 Warehouse Street will be treated to exclusives from James Harden and Damien Lillard as well.
If you are interested, you can sign up for more details on the Adidas website.


3. XFL to return in 2020 after Vince McMahon forms Alpha Entertainment

It bombed at the start of the millennium but that doesn’t mean Vince McMahon is ready to bury the XFL just yet. Is he feeling nostalgic or does he think it could really work?
The chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment will announce that the league is returning at a press conference later today.
The league will reportedly re-launch in 2020. McMahon will reportedly take his time in re-launching the brand to make sure a proper foundation is in place.
A press conference will take place today making the news official. Can the league make it this time? Has the NFL’s waning popularity created a possibility for a second league to succeed?

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