Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 2/23/2018

  1. Tiffany Haddish will host the 2018 MTV Movie Awards

Tiffany Haddish is making history again.
She will be the first black woman to host the MTV Movie Awards. Haddish made history in November becoming the first black female stand-up comedian to host Saturday Night Live.
She made the announcement of her MTV hosting duties via Instagram video. The award show will be on June 18th.
Did you see Haddish on SNL? 

How did you think she did? Does it surprise you that there hasn’t been a black female to host the MTV Movie Awards until now? 


2. Young Thug Vows Not to Release New Music This Year As Tribute to His Deaf Brother

The artist formerly known as “Young Thug”, who recently changed his name to “Sex”, has decided not to release any music in 2018.

“Sex” says he’s paying tribute to his deaf brother who can neither hear nor speak and he wants to live as a mute for a year.

“I ain’t going to put out no music this year. 2019, I’m gonna put out, probably Hy!£UN35” Thugga said, which translated is “HiTunes”. Would you go mute for a year?

3. “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos–The Movie” Is Coming

Editorial credit: Keith HomanGet your popcorn ready, there’s a movie about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos coming your way! Oh, if you’re thinking Chester Cheetah will be in the movie, nah, that ain’t happening. 
The movie will center around Richard Montanez, the janitor turned inventor of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and the person who inspired folks throughout the world to dip their Cheetos in lime juice. 
The flick will be called “Flamin’ Hot” and is still in the early stages of development. Still no word from Chester Cheetah’s people on if they’re upset about him not being involved in the movie. 
Does this sound like a movie you’d want to see? Are you or someone you know a fan of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? 

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