Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 7/11/17

  1.  Nicki Minaj baby tweet sparks pregnancy rumors – Minaj posted a baby emoji on Twitter yesterday. That’s it! Some fans assume that Nicki might be pregnant, possibly with Nas’ baby. Others think it’s a shout out to DJ Khaled’s son, Asahd, since she just teamed up with Khaled on his Gratefulalbum and Asahd is on the album artwork. Some people think it’s Minaj ‘giving birth’ to a new solo album. Click photo for full story


2.  Stranger Things’ sets season 2 premiere date, plus new teaser: Stranger Things on Netflix has a release date for Season 2. Be ready to binge watch on Friday, October 27th. An ominous poster showing the release date features Hawkins, Indiana with scary red clouds above the town. Check out the clip for the teaser!

3.  Summer vacation can be ‘bad for child health’ – The lazy days of summer can be bad for lazy kids. A new study explains kids lose 80 percent of the fitness they get during the school year if they sit around all summer. This is especially true if parents can’t afford to send children to summer camps or other extra-curricular activities. Click photo for full story

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