Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 7/13/17

  1.  2 Live Crew’s Fresh Kid Ice is dead – One of the founding members of 2 Live Crew, Fresh Kid Ice, is dead at the age of 53. Fresh Kid Ice’s real name was Chris Wong Won. He was widely regarded as a pioneer for Asian rappers. He was the only 2 Live Crew member to appear on all of their albums. According to the group’s manager, he died Thursday morning in a Miami hospital due to an undisclosed medical condition. Read more via TMZ >


2. See the world’s biggest Super Soaker – This isn’t for your regular water fight. This Super Soaker is 7 feet long and is 60 times more powerful than the original.  Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer and he just unveiled his latest creation: The world’s largest Super Soaker! In the introduction video, the Super Soaker destroyed a Coke can and cut a watermelon right down the middle. It was used in a human water gun fight but from a safe distance.


3.  It’s National French Fry Day!  Remember National Donut Day?  Or what about National Fried Chicken Day?  We even had National Iced Tea Day a few weeks ago. Today is the best food holiday, though, because today celebrates the greatest food out there, French Fries! McDonald’s: Can’t get fries today? Download the McD app and get an order of free medium fries Friday and every Friday through Sept. 29 at participating McDonald’s. Click photo for full story Via USA TODAY

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