Wendy Williams Agrees Nicki Minaj Reintroduced Female Rappers To Pop Culture

Nicki Minaj was just one of the many hip-hop artists who graced XXL Magazine’s 20th Anniversary issue. The iconic brand rolled out 20 covers featuring 20 of rap and hip-hop’s most influential artists. During Minaj’s interview with the publication, she credited herself with reintroducing female rappers to the mainstream, a compliment that didn’t sit well with too many folks.

Wendy Williams on Tuesday (Oct. 17) brought up Minaj’s XXL interview during her “Hot Topics” segment and while the talk show host isn’t always a fan of the Queens lyricist, she did agree with her statement.

“Lil Kim had her moment but then by the time she went to jail she just couldn’t get it together afterwards,” Williams said. “Nicki does say in XXL Magazine that ‘there wasn’t a big female rap presence before I got in. My role was reintroducing the female rapper to pop culture.’  I agree! I don’t know if she should’ve said it herself…”

Williams’ audience didn’t seem to agree with her or Minaj’s comments, to which Williams noted several other prominent female rappers–Da Brat, Remy Ma–are also talented but haven’t been able to penetrate pop culture the way Nicki Minaj has.

“I agree, and I don’t always agree with Nicki Minaj and sometimes she’s quite annoying but I’m a straight shooter and I must say Foxy Brown, talented girl; never took it to the hoop, not like this Nicki Minaj. Queen Latifah isn’t rapping anymore she had to cultivate her new career…Nicki really has taken it some place different.”

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