Why Lizzo Is Everything Rihanna’s Fenty Line Has Been Searching For

Bad Gal Ri Ri has spoken and confirms Lizzo's badassery is enough to persuade...

Rihanna Slid into Lizzo’s DM’s declaring Lizzo, “F**** the stage like a side bitch” after her VMA performance and now she is telling everyone she wants to collaborate with her!

“Gosh I love Lizzo. She’s so badass.” Rihanna said. She continued to explain that, “Lizzo represents everything that Savage stands for. ”

Lizzo responded that she LOVES Rihanna right back, but doesn’t want to bother her. Fingers crossed Rihanna calls Lizzo ASAP.

As both of these phenomenal women are promoting representation of size, shape, and color; It would only make sense for a collaboration to be in the mix shortly.



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