Wypipo Hipsterize Malt Liquor With 40-Once Bottles Of Rosé

First the chopped cheese, now this?

The cult classic and hood staple 40 oz can be found in bodegas and corner stores throughout inner-city neighborhoods around America for less than three bucks, and now white people wypipo have found a way to hipsterize it by using French rosé wine instead of malt liquor and charging about $16 a pop.

The Colt 45s of the world have long provided the less-than spectacularly tasting, yet culturally significant libation for eons. Today, one Patrick Cappiello emerges a connoisseur of sorts and creator of forty ounce wines, whose newest pink nectar offering has been picked up by one of New York City’s best wine shops

Reports say the wine — organically produced in the Loire Valley — is also available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Colorado and other NYC liquor stores. But maybe don’t expect to find these in brown paper bags anywhere near where grandma stay.

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