Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Who ya gonna call??

Morgan Freeman Monday

All you need this gloomy Monday is to hear Morgan Freeman's dramatic read of 'Love Yourself'

‘How To Move To Canada’ Google Search Spikes After Super Tuesday

In the aftermath of Super Tuesday, Americans are scared, very scared. Since the coverage of super Tuesday began, google says the amount of google...

An Unencrypted Letter From Apple About Encryption

Over the past few months Apple has been preparing for a battle with The U.S Government. The Government believes that it should be able...

Facebook Gets Real Emotional

Over a year has passed since the rumors began of facebook adding more to their site then just a "like" button. Now, in addition...

Morgan Freeman’s Voice Can Now Guide You To Your Destination

It's about time!! We've waited decades for the voice of all voices to tell us when to turn left!! As of this week, the Waze app...

Kobe’s Sweaty Shoes Have a Home With LeBron James

Dominate an era. Inspire a generation. — Nike Basketball (@nikebasketball) February 11, 2016   As Kobe Bryant's time in the NBA draws to a close, it's...

The Best NFL Laughs “Bad Lip Reading” Wins Their Own Super Bowl

Simply the best laughs you can get from NFL players!! Bad Lip Reading did an amazing job pulling together clips from this NFL season...

The Voice of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck Passes Away

Joe Alaskey, the most recent voice actor to play the beloved characters of bugs bunny and daffy duck (to name a few), had been...
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