Top 5 Trending Stories 6/24/16

YAAAY we made it to Friday everyone!! Alright so here’s the Top 5 Trending Stories I came across the interwebs!

  1. Live here or if you will be visiting the Mile High City, check out what’s happing this weekend!! The music scene is the BEST, check the link! Thanks #9news
  2. Okay listen when I saw the title to this one, I was like hmmm..Most dentists would recommend this method of tooth extraction! Thanks #huffingtonpost
  3. Jay Z’s Debut Album, Reasonable Doubt, Turns 20! Thanks #Vogue
  4. Today in Hip Hop History! Gang Starr released their sixth album The Ownerz June 24, 2003! Here’s a link to hear the full album
  5. Want to ride a glass slide 1,000 feet above the ground? Admission to the observation deck will start at $19 and increase by $8 each time a visitor wants a turn on the Skyslide. Thanks #latimes