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Morning After 12-14-18

Kayne goes on a 80 tweet rant towards Drake, Larry went ice skating, ate $%*t, and messed up his shoulder, and we talk about A-Rich's amazing proposal.

New Album from Kodak Black has arrived

Kodak Black Drops His “Dying to Live” Album

Jerry Seinfeld Says the Oscars Lost in the Kevin Hart Deal

"And when you look at that situation, well who got screwed in that deal?  I think Kevin's going to be fine, you know.  But finding another Kevin Hart, that's not so easy.  He's a brilliant guy with a…

Morning After 12-13-18

Police bust 8 different illegal grow operations around the Denver area, Santa calls Kathie J's daughters, and a Uber driver tries to rob his passenger with a translator app.

Christmas Wish Sara To Paige

This morning Larry and Kathie from the FLO107.1 Morning Show granted a wish for Sara, who wrote us a letter nominating her daughter Paige, for the Larry and Kathie Christmas Wish.…

After Aquaman, Jason Momoa Quit His Diet Saying: “Every Day Is a Cheat Day!”

"I'm not a fan of doing abs," Momoa said. "It's tough...You can't drink beer!"

Police Raid 8 Metro-Area Illegal Marijuana Grow Houses

On Wednesday morning, DEA agents executed eight search warrants on grow houses and locations where stolen vehicles were found across metro Denver. FOX31 and Channel 2 confirm locations in Aurora,…

‘Sesame Street’ Introduces Homeless Muppet

Sesame Street has been breaking ground for years and the show continues in that regard with the introduction of a homeless muppet. In 2011, the children's television show introduced a character…

Talk about a Grinch

Woman Cuts Down Neighbors’ Christmas Lights

Morning After 12-12-18

A man takes to the Walmart loud speaker to quit his job and call out his manager, a NHL Hockey ref gets hit in the goodies with a puck, and a woman fills a pothole in front of her house with a…

NHL Referee Gets Hit In The Junk With Puck

Your browser does not support iframes. Referee Tim Peel takes a puck off his no no spot and had to leave the ice. The goal was eventually removed. NHL rules do not allow for a puck to be banked off…

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